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VOLTAIRE / DR. PANGLOSS / GOVERNOR / SAGE -  Voltaire is the story's wise and all-knowing narrator. Dr. Pangloss is Cunegonde and Candide's teacher. He loves Paquette. Very large and demanding character part that covers four diverse roles with different ages and accents.  Requires an actor with presence, intelligence, humor, energy and wild creativity. Age: 40 to 50. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: G2.

MAXIMILLIAN - Cunegonde's brother. A young, handsome aristocrat whose looks are only matched by his vanity. Versatile and comedic.

Age: 20 to 25. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: G2

PAQUETTE - A overtly sexy but good-hearted maid who does her best to help reunite Candide with Cunegonde. Perhaps a bit dim.

Age: 18 to 25. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: A3

AGENT OF THE INQUISITION - A conniving and unscrupulous agent of the Spanish Inquisition who delights in the misery of others. Featured character actor-singer that doubles in other parts.

Age: 20 to 55

ENSEMBLE - Large group of singers (good movers) who play: Soldiers, Citizens, Prostitutes, Sailors, Pirates, Banquet Guests, Houri, Animals, etc.

Note: All roles are open to performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities. Many of the Ensemble have significant speaking roles and many double, as well. Looking for excellent singers who move very well, especially character types of all ages. All roles listed above are available for auditions. Other characters have been pre-cast from those originally cast in the 2020 production which was canceled due to COVID-19.

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DANNY ZUKO: High School Teen (Range: tenor, D4–B5) - The leader of the Burger Palace Boys; knows how to turn on the charm when he needs to; puts on a cool, confident, “tough guy” facade, but down deep he is a big softie who can’t shake his feelings for Sandy.


SANDY DUMBROWSKI: High School Teen (Range: Soprano, A3–F#5) - New girl in town who’s trying to find her place; leads with kindness; naive; is a hopeless romantic, especially when it comes to Danny Zuko.


BETTY RIZZO: High School Teen (Range:Alto A3–C5) - Leader of the Pink Ladies; tough, sarcastic, and outspoken; she can be a bully, especially when she feels threatened or vulnerable; operates from a deep desire to be loved/wanted.

FRENCHY: High School Teen (Range: Alto, A3–D5) - Pink Lady; A dreamer with big dreams; good-natured but not too smart, obsessed with her appearance, particularly her hair. She can't wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician.


MARTY: High School Teen (Range Alto, C4–C5) - Pink Lady; feisty; tries her best to act sophisticated, mature, and grown-up, but her high school imagination gets in the way; is more interested in older men than high school boys; has a rich fantasy life.

JAN: High School Teen (Range: Alto, A3-C5) - Pink Lady; awkward and clumsy; is unaware of her own quirkiness; loves to eat; comfortable around the girls, but shy with boys.

KENICKIE: High School Teen (Range: Tenor, C4–F5) - The second in command of the Burger Palace Boys; the biggest bully of them all; has an offbeat sense of humor; a hot-tempered kid; he harasses the girls; avoids any show of softness except with it comes to cars.

DOODY: High School Teen (Range: Tenor, D4-A5) - The youngest of the Burger Palace Boys; a hero-worshipping attitude towards the other guys; has a big crush on Frenchie and is almost paralyzed in her presence.

SONNY LATIERRI: High School Teen (Range: baritone, G3–A5) - A member of the Burger Palace Boys; a braggart who puts on an Italian-American accent to be “cool”; offensive at times but too dumb to know it; thinks he's a real lady-killer.

ROGER: High School Teen (Range: Tenor, D4-A5) - A member of the Burger Palace Boys; a prankster who will do anything-for-a-laugh; he is full of mischief and is always dreaming up half-baked schemes and ideas.

VINCE FONTAINE: High School Teen (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible) - A 'teen audience' disc jockey; slick, egotistical and fast-talking.


CHA-CHA, aka CHARLENE, DIGREGORIO: High School Teen (Range: Alto, C4–C5) - The best dancer at St. Bernadette's; brassy; her lack of manners and loud mouth don’t stop her from winning the dance competition with Danny.

EUGENE FLORCZYK: High School Teen (Range: Tenor, A3–E5) - The class valedictorian and brown-noser; physically awkward; smug, pompous, and gullible; unpopular among the Rydell students.


JOHNNY CASINO: High School Teen (Range: Tenor, G4-E5) - a rock-star student at Rydell High.

MISS LYNCH: Age Flexible (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible) - A no-nonsense English teacher who lives to discipline.


PATTY SIMCOX: High School Teen (Range: Alto, D4-A4) - A Rydell High Cheerleader; a fireball of energy; enthusiastic to the point of being obnoxious.


TEEN ANGEL: Age and Vocal Range Flexible - Frenchy's guardian angel, who encourages her to stay in school.


ENSEMBLE (SATB: 1950s Rydell high teens.


RADIO VOICE: Age Flexible (Rage: Tenor, A3–C5) - A Radio Voice

Note: Disclosure of sensitive content: Depictions of high school bullying as is seen in the movie. All roles are open to performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities. All roles must move very well.