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Cabrillo Crocker Theater

6500 Soquel Dr.

Aptos, CA 95003



Thu, Fri & Sat

12pm - 6pm


Please join us by supporting our upcoming season. As a contributor you will be making an investment in bringing first-class Broadway musicals to Santa Cruz County. Learn More >


Dear friends of Cabrillo Stage,

I am honored to be joining your community as the new Artistic Director of Cabrillo Stage. Whether it’s an unforgettable performance from years ago, a tune that never leaves your head, or the lyrics that remind you you’re not alone, musical theatre has the power to connect and uplift us like nothing else.

Artistic Director


Andrea L. Hart (Color).jpg

I’ve directed musicals in schools all over the Bay Area and I’ve seen how these productions create tightly knit families and  theaters that feel like homes. As I get started in my role as Artistic Director, it is my hope that Cabrillo Stage feels like home to all of you: A place you return to over and over again, where you always feel you belong, and where you know others will be singing your tune.

I’m energized by all that Stage means to the community and excited to build on that reputation to create meaningful and memorable summer traditions for years to come.
I wish you an uplifting holiday season surrounded by those you love.


Andrea L. Hart
Artistic Director - Cabrillo Stage

Andrea L. Hart Signature.jpg

I’m thrilled to be in Santa Cruz…


I grew up on a farm in Kansas and then settled in the Bay Area after going to college in upstate New York. I lived in Berkeley for 20 years before moving away and completing an MFA in Austin, Texas.


Since arriving in Santa Cruz in July, I’ve been struck by the deep love of the arts in this community. So many people have shared their favorite summer traditions with me, and attending Cabrillo Stage productions was mentioned repeatedly.


Andrea L. Hart (B_W 2).jpg
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